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called a delicious ah! What the hell is going on? The temporary palace somewhere in Qingchengshan. Beautiful room treasure. you the man is too good a bully Zhou Liulang didn't pay any attention to his words then don't worry Lei pastoral will she go out hook So you actually. " Liu old man couldn't help beat cold Ping ass two said Leng Ping hurriedly beg for mercy: "the old lady I was wrong home in a hurry not with the old lady looked to say hello and fearing also loathe to give up the old lady if this walk incurs the old lady sad this just makes the wrong thing now I come to the old man compensate crime the old lady not to get angry" Liu old lady intimate little cold Ping's forehead and said: "many days no see your mouth with who is so sweet But there is progress" Leng Ping smiled and said: "how can also eat dinner for two years is naturally should grow can't get the old lady angry" Liu old lady more happy said to Liu Han: "second daughter-in-law you see the Ping son grew up sensible but unlike before then rash" Liu Han smiled: "is not beautiful I just can't deny" Leng Ping hurriedly give Liu Han's salute "Mrs Liu just to see the old lady with excitement forgot to give Mrs Liu salute" Liu Han help cold Ping said: "good do not speak the common courtesy as long as the old lady happy stronger than anything else" Leng Ping nodded then asked: "the old Madam Liu many people these years the body can be okay I let a person to get drugs can eat" Liu said: "the old lady to your filial piety eat also support those medicine blessing these years less and less sick and occasionally have a headache and fever here is actually a dragon habitat. How many years did not so cheerful atmosphere? you see me this belly fat is also so much,veste moncler, so also with respect to 30 seconds Really.related articles: