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just to Mo Yina as extravagant because battle with Li Li sister backing,timberland femme," The original book also mentioned that Wang's be special care they will certainly not against you two years is not too long and is also suitable for." Yan Shenyou momentarily speechless, this is a tall stem into culture tree with luxuriant foliage trees in general. because the action is not skilled." He Yujin smiled and explained: "please girl sedan chair the four kid will put the girl brought to safety let Gong Jiu again also could not find" Jiangsu cuisine hesitated: "why should I trust you if you lie to me" He Yujin with smiling: "Buddha never lie please also consider some fast girl I only will be the palace nine room prohibitions for half an hour after half an hour he might find the breath right" Jiangsu cuisine thought carry baggage finally into the palanquin According to the house of nine words he Yu Jin should be an officious merciful Buddha is should not be amiss At the time of Jiangsu cuisine is not found now she has such trust house nine said everything Red sedan chair is lifted the ear has a fine wind Jiangsu cuisine car curtain lifted a corner see both constantly flickering scenery the roof is sometimes sometimes is the trees sometimes is a river the picture is not coherent and presumably moves Do not know how long the sedan chair for is in the air until the Jiangsu cuisine dishes are some sleepy wants to sleep the sedan chair is down A horn imp around tunnel: "girl Qingcheng to The inn is in front" Jiangsu cuisine the sedan chair thanks to the four horns kid just finished the four sedan chair kid from her eyes slips disappear make su Cai Cai almost thought all this is her illusion Jiangsu cuisine remembered his seductive looks so on the ground put ash coated on the face this just waltz into the inn She took the burden to some notes is private to the snow to quit for a rainy day To a room Jiangsu cuisine some hardship shut the door not wash was lying on the bed Night long all things which this night of no stars Qingcheng above the moon too big to some strange The paper window suddenly being poked a hole From the outside into a tubular object escaping smoke from the tubule quickly released into the atmosphere in this room Although the objective was not achieved. as if nothing happened, The night Cang resists may later remembered for his paper! her words will give the answer dragon man.
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