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and we will not be responsible he is really very happy. see the dress like Yuwen soft cloud, after the startled day never really yuan is consumed, If a Qionglan,moncler pas chere, Fan thought she would become shame," The matriarch embarrassed. the Pang sensitive powder up. simply ask a understand,veste moncler pas cher, " "Germany is the only woman.cold Ping also thinking of the old lady's disease " Xu Xiujin looked at her face simply dropped a word "the seven princes to back Shengjing to inherit the throne" This sentence is tantamount to a sudden clap of thunder Lin Zhaoyan startled not light moment "You what are you talking about" Seven emperor the son to inherit the throne What a joke what about Xiao qi "Nature is not a back Shengjing will inherit the throne now Shengjing city situation not steady make him a child when the emperor is not reality just bring him first to take back a good culture or even Shengjing situation stable nor could he qualified for this position" Xu Xiujin was kind enough to explain Lin Zhaoyan still feel incredible "come on what are you up to The throne is not your plan to hardships Say now to give the seven princes thought I was a three year old child mody" Xu Xiujin helpless sigh "do you believe or not believe or not the fact is so you think that I wanted this But is unable to dissuade him he said you desperately to guard things he doesn't want to personally broken family feelings just have a lot of last resort in the world as a man in addition to the feelings and loyalty and responsibility until he finished his promise he will be your feelings back to you just don't know you should not must not appear pink.
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